Launch out – Luke 5

I am praying and planning for two new church plants in the near future, Lord willing. We have started four churches so far and three of them have made it. Looking back I have learned so much and yet still feel uneducated. I know that it’s not my spirit but my flesh. Faith always requires you to navigate the deeper waters. To go to places that are less comfortable. Faith is never satisfied with the possible or sensible. Faith leads you to where only God can supply, where only God knows the answer and only God knows the way. You will never achieve what God has for you near the shore. The greatest enemy of the christian and a spirit-filled life, lack of faith.

Doubt vs faith
( I’m not sure who gets credit for writing this but whoever it is – thanks)

Doubt sees the obstacles.
Faith sees the way.
Doubt sees the darkest night.
Faith sees the day
Doubt dreads to take a step
Faith soars in high.
Doubt questions “Who believes?”
Faith answers, “I do”.

Please pray with us as we prepare to “launch out”
Bro Griffin

Sea of Galilee – fishermen, circa 1930’s – Library of Congress archives

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